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Macro Programming

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List of Shortkeys

*Set Zoom Mode: Zoom
+Zoom In: Zoom
-Zoom Out: Zoom
/Zoom Fit All: Zoom
0Set Scale Mode: Adjust Utilities
1Set Active Layer: Layer Shortkeys
2Layer Visibility toggle: Layer Shortkeys
3Hide Other Layer: Layer Shortkeys
4Show All Layer: Layer Shortkeys
5A+B: Boolean Tools
6A*B: Boolean Tools
7A-B: Boolean Tools
8B-A: Boolean Tools
9A exor B: Boolean Tools
ASet Cell Reference Array Mode: Cell Reference Array
BSet Box Mode: Box
CSet Copy Mode: Copy
DDelete: Delete
ESet Circle Mode: Circle
FSet Sector Mode: Sector
GSet Grid: Grid Operations
HSet Polygon Arc Mode: Polygon Arc
IAttach File: File Operations
JSet Arc Mode: Arc
KSet Spiral Mode: Spiral
LSet Path Mode: Path
MSet Move Mode: Move
NNew Drawing: New Drawing
OOpen File: File Operations
PSet Polygon Mode: Polygon
QSet Cut Mode: Cut
RSet Cell Reference Mode: Cell Reference
SSave: File Operations
TSet Text Mode: Text
UUpdate Cells: File Operations
VMerge: Merge
WMove to Layer: Change Layer
XSet Mirror Mode: Mirror
YCopy to Layer: Change Layer
ZRemove Small Edges: Adjust Utilities
\Delete Cell: Cell Operations
BackspaceDeselect All: Global Select
DeleteSet Point Deselect Mode: Point Deselect
DownScroll Down: Scroll
EndSet Form Deselect Mode: Form Deselect
F1Help: Help
F10Setup Dialog: Setup
F11Update Macros: Macros
F12Set Route Mode: Routing
F2Next Drawing: Layout windows
F3Select Cell (list): Cell Operations
F4Cellname: Cell Operations
F5New Cell: Cell Operations
F6Undo: Undo
F7Redo: Undo
F8Group: Cell Flat
F9Cell Flat: Cell Flat
HomeSet Form Select Mode: Form Select
InsertSet Point Select Mode: Point Select
LeftScroll Left: Scroll
PageDownSet Cell Deselect Mode: Cell Deselect
PageUpSet Cell Select Mode: Cell Select
PrintScreenshot: Printing
RightScroll Right: Scroll
SpaceSelect Visible: Global Select
UpScroll Up: Scroll
Alt+F8Group Global: Cell Flat
Ctrl+1Set Ruler Mode: Ruler
Ctrl+2Area Measurement: Area Measurement
Ctrl+CCopy to Clipboard: Clipboard
Ctrl+GShow Grid: Grid Operations
Ctrl+LLayer Deselect: Layer Select
Ctrl+MSet Move Point Mode: Move
Ctrl+QQuit: Quit
Ctrl+RRound Elements: Adjust Utilities
Ctrl+VPaste from Clipboard: Clipboard
Ctrl+BackspaceInvert Selection: Global Select
Ctrl+F12Set Place Mode: Place
Ctrl+F3Cell Up: Cell Operations
Ctrl+F8Group Structure: Cell Flat
Shift++Grid Plus: Grid Operations
Shift+-Grid Coarser: Grid Operations
Shift+/Zoom Fit Selection: Zoom
Shift+0Grid Automatic: Grid Operations
Shift+1Sizeadjust: Adjust Utilities
Shift+2Set Bezier 2nd Mode: Bezier
Shift+3Set Bezier 3rd Mode: Bezier
Shift+5Zoom Eins: Zoom
Shift+8set A: Boolean Tools
Shift+9set B: Boolean Tools
Shift+LLayer Select: Layer Select
Shift+MMove By: Move
Shift+PSet Properties Mode: Properties
Shift+RSet Rotate Mode: Rotate
Shift+SSave As: File Operations
Shift+BackspaceSelect All: Global Select
Shift+F1What's this: Help
Shift+F12Generate Technology Macro: Macros
Shift+F2About: Help
Shift+F3Select Cell (graphical): Cell Operations
Shift+F8Group Simple: Cell Flat
Shift+F9Cell Flat Multilevel: Cell Flat
Shift+PrintPrint: Printing
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