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The LayoutEditor™ is a program to design and edit layouts for MEMS/IC fabrication.

Designing these layouts require a high precision. So a sufficient resolution and a possibility of a high scaling is required. The resolution of the LayoutEditor can be set in a wide range and is normally set to 1 nano meter. A higher resolution makes no sense due to atomar structures. With this resolution the LayoutEditor can draw elements up to 4 meters. This is enough for IC/MEMS which extend usually less than 0.1 meters. The productions of MEMS/IC is done in many layers. For each of these physical layer a belonging layer had to exist in the drawing. Additional logical layers are required for describing/naming purpose. So a lot of layers are needed. By default the LayoutEditor is limited to 128 layers. But it can easily be adjusted, if more layers are required. Designs often contain a plenty of repeating structures. Essential for managing these designs is therefor a hierarchical design. This means, that the complete repeating structure only exists once in a single cell. These cell is then referred multiple times in the main drawing.
Beside the above mentioned design fundaments it is important to have sophisticated functions to handle all drawing elements. The layout handler has all required functions: all basic design functions, all angle elements, boolean operations, macros, font-generator, design rule checker, cross-platform compatible, supported format: GDSII, DXF, OASIS, CIF. If you still missing a function, you are free to write a feature request.

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