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The current cell is displayed here. The mouse function depends on the activated mode. But three functions are always possible:
    mouse right The main menu is opened by a right click in the drawing.
    mouse right move Hold the right mouse-button to scroll.
    mouse scroll Use the mouse-wheel to zoom in/out.


Layer Buttons

Via this buttons the display of the drawing is controlled. Visibility, color, fill-style, etc. is set via these buttons. All setup can (like any other function) also be done via the main menu.
The most important functions are:
    mouse right Left click to make layer active.
    mouse middle or mouse shift left Shift left/middle click to toggle visibility of a layer.
    mouse shift ctrl leftshift+ctrl left click to edit layer properties.


Mouse Help

mouseShows the occupancy of all mouse buttons. Following mousebuttons modifier combinations are used:
    mouse left left mouse click
    mouse shift left shift + left mouse click
    mouse ctl left ctl + left mouse click
    mouse shift ctl left shift+ctl left mouse click
    mouse left move move mouse with pressed left button
    mouse shift left move move mouse with pressed shift and left button
    mouse left wait hold the left mouse button for a few seconds
    mouse middle middle mouse click
    mouse scroll mouse-wheel scroll
    mouse right right mouse click
    mouse shift right shift + right mouse click
    mouse ctl right ctl + right mouse click
    mouse right move move mouse with pressed right button


Tool Buttons

Most functions are available direct via a tool button. Help on the individual buttons is accessible through the "What's This" function (Shift+F1).The visibility of the different toolbars can adjusted via a right click on a free place in the dockarea. After program start the last setup is recovered.
    mouse right Right mouse click to adjust toolbar setup.



Multitool Buttons

Some Tool Buttons are Multitool Buttons. A subfunctions can be selected.
    mouse middle or mouse shift left Shift left/middle click to select subfunction.
    mouse left wait hold the left mouse button to show a menu.


Position Indicator

Shows the absolute coordinates. In some modes also relative coordinate are displayed in braces.


Grid Indicator

Shows the grid size. It is also displayed, if a adaptive gride mode is active (AUTO).


Select Indicator

Shows a statistic on selected elements.



Nearly all functions can also be accessed via shortkeys. The most important functions like select and zoom are mapped on number-block. A list of all shortkeys can be found here.
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